Right before your eyes, as you read this note, you are witnessing and co-creating our evolution. Yes, ten years later, we are still working in front and behind the scenes, day after day, evolving along with you, and navigating the winds of change, time and collective growth. What a wonderful journey!

Please pardon our dust! And thank you for your patience as our online presence is been upgraded into a new responsive and intuitive web portal, online directory and master digital book accessible via any PC and mobile device. We are proud to share the joy of our constant steady progress and evolution.

Thanks to your loyal patronage our online community is today over a quarter million subscribers strong and blessed by thousands of web visitors and event inquires; and despite the multi-directional flow of our imminent growth  -our mission,  commitment and advocacy remains authentic to our initial calling- which is supporting YOU with information, resources and experiences as you work on your very own spiritual growth and self-development journey.

We’re immensely grateful and looking forward to continue been of service to you.  Namaste ~ Numa Gaia

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Coming Soon/Under Development

  • New Master Book and Updated Website
  • Local Guides: Community Listings and Events
  • HOLISTIC GLOBE Radio Podcast Re-Launch
  • Resource Library
  • Online (Life Enrichment & Holistic Business Development) Self-Coaching Programs