Industry Insight by Numa Gaia

Holistic entrepreneurship is a very sacred and committed journey. For us there is no separation between business and personal simply because our business IS personal. Everything about our work is extremely meaningful for us. Our message, our products or services are part of who we are. But at times, we get comfortable in our own bubble and forget the fact that comfort zones are the #1 menace for progress.

If we don’t evolve, neither will our business or career.

Have you ever considered the possibility that you may be standing in your own way of success? When was the last time you challenged your skills or intuition? Are you keeping up with the demands of changing times, generational trends and technology upgrades? Maybe not enough.

Some of us -healing arts practitioners, artists and teachers- are often compelled by a strong desire to positively influence our communities, rather than focusing on building a strong entrepreneurial structure. That makes our holistic profession often a vulnerable target, facing the struggle of building a strong and profitable business. 

Indulging that sense of duty somehow we forget that in order to help others we need to help ourselves first.  The reality is that we are totally useless and irrelevant if we are disconnected, unorganized, unprepared, constantly struggling and broke; not to mention all the hurt that a ghost career and financial chaos may cause to our lives and those around us, including our loved ones.

Holistic entrepreneurship will present some challenges, specially if you are a solo act. Issues like isolation, losing sense of direction, lack of focus, getting lost pursuing your big picture, too much do-it-yourself, becoming too emotional or too sensitive, and the worst case scenario becoming hopeless and losing faith on yourself and your ability to make a difference.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And any lack of skills or inability to cope with changes and progress will make you invisible.

Driven by this reality and by witnessing great holistic practices failed and disappear, I decided to step up and help…

I created our Holistic Business Incubator to help new and existing holistic practitioners stay in business -relevant, skilled and visible- not just surviving, but really thriving.

I believe that now, more than ever, in our world, it’s time for all of us, holistic experts, to rise together and become stronger, better leaders and sharper educators.

Program offers a self-paced or coach-guided weekly mastermind focused on empowerment, leadership and life+work balance.   Along with personal encouragement and validation, each week navigates all aspects of business development covering conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, branding, marketing and customer building techniques, understanding the intrinsic principles of holistic entrepreneurship and how to make it work for you. 

Tuition is very affordable ($49 per week) and aims to help you build the right business skills that will elevate your mission and define your purpose, worth, wealth and legacy. LEARN MORE

Top Issues Keeping You Invisible

  • You are not 100% committed to your success.
  • You lack a solid (planning, marketing, sales, financial) strategy making it difficult or impossible for clients and sponsors to take you seriously.
  • You feel overwhelmed by an apparent lack of funds or financial fluency.
  • You don’t have enough clients to supply a healthy cash flow.
  • You have time management issues.
  • You lack a support system, allies or supportive peers.
  • You are not open or flexible to the idea of change.
  • You might have fear or failure or fear of success.

Top Reasons to Evolve and Stand Out NOW

  • You don’t want to be left behind or left out. Oblivion is brutal. “Out of sight, Out of mind” should never be your motto.
  • Standing out is NOT selfish or egotistical; it’s a key heart-centered position that will allow you to REALLY be of service to others and partake of this global collective shift of consciousness. Your message, products and/or resources MATTERS. We need you to stick around and be successful!
  • You are interested in evolving (yourself, your brand or services) into empowering, sustainable or socially conscious level.
  • You want to continue making a living doing what you love, and should recruit or embrace expert guidance to make a safe, smart and logic transition into your very best next step.

It’s time to CREATE, GROW AND STRENGTHEN your core and your holistic business practice! [ Learn more about incubator benefits and outcome ]