Shamanism is an ancient tradition that holds the belief that all things are connected to spirit and have the capacity to heal. The soul is often perceived as separate from the body, adrift in the cosmos or, at best occupying a tiny space behind the heart.Each soul has its own unique energy and vibrations reflective of an individual’s experiences. The soul harbors all emotional information including an individual’s unique pattern for health. When that pattern is disrupted,illness and unrest can result. Trauma such as bodily injury, emotional or psychological shock, and chronic stress can lead to a disruption in the soul’s energetic pattern. This can manifest as physical disease, psychological disorders, and general feelings of unwellness.

A Shaman senses variations within the soul’s vibratory field then balances and realigns the energy to bring harmonious function to the body and peace of mind. Shamanic healing can also provide guidance through challenging times and while seeking deeper meaning in life. Experiences vary for each individual and during each session. A Shamanic healing may bring about subtle or powerful shifts in energy, physical sensations, and emotional shifts.Permanent changes in perception and enhanced clarity are common following a session.

Shamanic Healing Modalities:

  • Shamanic journeys and guided meditations.
  • Plant medicine and sacred rituals.
  • Soul Retrieval: Gathering and healing of emotionally shattered parts of our soul.
  • Power Retrieval: Connection to your power animal.
  • Extractions: Removals of negativity and unwanted or misplaced energies.
  • Soul Remembering: Access to our true self and reconnect with our purpose and Divinity.
  • Dream Interpretation: Understanding messaging received in our dreams.
  • Ancestral Work: Healing family and soul contracts issues.
  • Psychopomp Work: Leading Souls to the Light/Soul Crossover Assistance

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