Phoenix Rising is a self-paced or guided (weekly) online coaching program that will function as a source of inspiration and guidance to give you the push you need to grow, expand your mind, strengthen your self-confidence and reach your full potential.

For many cultures and religions, a phoenix is a symbol of re-birth, transcending regeneration and the opening of new chapters in life. Spiritually the rising phoenix symbolizes power, spiritual freedom, creativity and soul renewal. Honoring that same purifying and self-reclaiming energy this program holds the energy and intent of “rising” your true-self, embracing new beginnings and attaining powerful transformations in your life.

Program curriculum focuses on mindfulness, self-assessment, self-empowerment, self-care, pursuing our dreams, planning and executing goals, achieving balance, eliminating negativity and old patterns, facing our challenges fearlessly, embracing difficult breakthroughs and achieving important life-changing milestones.

Program Modules

  • #1 I Am: Unleash Your Authentic Self (Self-Discovery and Spiritual Empowerment)
  • #2 I Eat: Fuel Your Life (Self-Care, Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness)
  • #3 I Earn: Attraction Prosperity and Abundance (Money Consciousness, and Financial Wellness) 
  • #4 I Soar: Manifest Your Dreams (Power of Manifestation,  Living with Purpose, Achieving Your Goals)

Enrollment Options

Phoenix Rising’s 4 module/36 weeks program can be done solo (self-paced/do-it-yourself) online program or guided with weekly Skype One-on-One sessions with coach.