HolisticCEO (online and live) incubator, success mastermind and peer support group  is a Numa Gaia Foundation’s sponsor-funded educational entrepreneurial and leadership outreach initiative, which allow us to facilitate comprehensive training and coaching at a deeply discounted tuition fee.

Weekly sessions and monthly calls will inspire and guide you on how to CREATE, GROW AND STRENGTHEN your authentic holistic business practice.

Program aims to function as your holistic business incubator and mastermind focused on self-empowerment and conscious business development. And because of its holistic approach you will get the best of both world…lifestyle and business coaching at an amazingly discounted monthly fee, thanks to our Foundation sponsors who believe in the power of education, holistic resources and building stronger communities.

Leadership Skills and Professional Edge

Learn business strategies, leadership essentials, online & offline marketing techniques and sales skills that will help you elevate your mission and step forward & upward by defining your purpose, worth, wealth & legacy.

Our curriculum and event schedule will guide you thru constructive self-assessment, inspirational leadership guidelines, business development strategies, online and offline marketing techniques and sales skills that will help you step forward defining your purpose, worth, wealth and legacy.

Along with personal encouragement and validation, each week we’ll navigate all aspects of business development covering conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, branding, marketing and customer building techniques, understanding the intrinsic principles of holistic entrepreneurship and how to make it work for you.

Membership includes a free no-string attached, private and confidential introductory phone consultation, where we talk about your business, your goals and how you can maximize your membership benefits. I’ll do my best to guide you on what’s available and relevant to you and the growth of your holistic practice.

Incubator Membership Options

You can opt for the solo self-paced do-it-yourself online program (24 Weeks) or guided (12 Weeks) with weekly Skype/Phone sessions with coach.

It’s Good to Know Before You Signup / F.A.Q.

Who/What is a Holistic CEO?

  • A Holistic CEO is any professional, practitioner and/or business owner who is building and running their business practice with a holistic, ethical, socially conscious, spiritual, green, sustainable, heart-centered, intuitive approach. Mindful and awaken, and fully aware of the consequences and impact of his actions, words, services and products. 
  • REGARDLESS the nature of your business, category, industry, type of ownership, what makes your business or career holistic is YOU and how you build and run it.  A Holistic CEO can own/run any type of business mindfully…a laundry mat, a professional firm, hardware store, online shop, yoga studio, medical practice, legal firm or a pet store. Makes no difference…
  • UNLESS the project causes harm to self or others. Holistic CEOs are never involved in illegal, unethical, degrading, discriminating, abusive or profane roles or enterprises, because it contradicts their conscious nature and their consideration to the greater good for humanity and our planet. 

Benefits and Outcome of Joining HolisticCEO Incubator

  • Life and business coaching integrated in one simple, easy to follow and sustainable system.
  • A renewed and empowered sense of self with determination and purpose.
  • Healthy and Positive Habits Building
  • Strong Business Skills and Strategies Development
  • By the end of the incubator program you will have an updated and accurate M.A.P. for your life and business. You will have your very own Evol.u.tionary Blueprint, which consist of personal manifesto, business plan, marketing plan, sales plan and financial plan in place, ready for immediate action, integration and fundraising.
  • Networking and fundraising events opportunities. Incubator graduates are invited to participate and present their projects in a private investor gathering. A complete Evol.u.tionary Blueprint is required for consideration.

Incubator Membership Rules of Engagement

  • Our HolisticCEO Incubator is a sponsor-funded educational entrepreneurial and leadership outreach initiative, which allow us to facilitate comprehensive training and coaching at a deeply discounted weekly fee.
  • Incubator and coaching program are both crafted in 4 levels, following Numa Gaia’s Evol.u.tionary Blueprint/4 Pillars of Holistic Entrepreneurship. Metaphorically speaking, you can see the incubator as a “box of tools” and its d.i.y. user-friendly manual, while the coaching program guides you thru the proper selection, application and use of the tools with a individualized custom approach specially for your needs.
  • Both incubator or coaching path share the same curriculum fundamentals presented from different angles, but either one separately (or together), will lead you to building your very own empowered life and business action blueprint, and an “investor-ready” business, financial and marketing plan. 
  • Incubator is self-paced weekly progress by default, based on selected tier up to 48 weeks – We recommend you follow gradual weekly progress or you can opt. to download entire curriculum and work it at your own schedule in sequential order.
  • We recommend you adhere to default weekly sessions schedule for better understanding, logical integration and progressive growth. If you are interested in speeding up the process you can try 2 or 3 sessions a week, on your own terms when and if you purchase and download entire program or bulk levels.
  • Discounted incubator enrollment is only available when signing up  under it’s default gradual and scheduled weekly progress. If you are interested in downloading entire incubator program (self-paced or guided) for faster study, practice and integration full price will apply.
  • Incubator training features Level 1-3 coaching program’s fundamental curriculum. Level 4 coaching and integration is only available and applicable upon completion of Level 1-3.
  • Both incubator and coaching program enrollment are AT WILL and can only flow to full completion authorized by your continued session prepayments or monthly enrollment. Your student account should remain active and in good standing at all times during your annual enrollment.
  • Incubator dues auto-renew month to month, and can be cancelled anytime. Processed membership payments are NON-REFUNDABLE – NO EXCEPTIONS. Cancelling your subscription will IMMEDIATELY cancel your membership and access to archive files and upcoming sessions.

How Can/Will Benefit from Joining HolisticCEO Incubator

  • Self-employed, small business owners, community leaders, holistic practitioners, holistic doctors, healers, coaches, visionaries, innovators, progressive entrepreneurs, heart-driven professionals and kindred catalysts of change who are serious about their holistic business and making a difference in our world.
  • Anyone and everyone who want to make a living doing what they love, but need guidance on how to make safe, smart and logic strategies or transition.
  • Anyone and everyone who interested in experiencing personal and professional breakthroughs AND evolving by integrating purpose and their true voice.
  • Anyone and everyone (awaken to purpose) who you already have a business and is ready to build skills and professional edge.
  • Anyone and everyone who is seeking funding and sponsorship for their holistic business projects.