Every New Year symbolizes a new beginning and the opportunity to click the “reset” button. But behind every single resolution hides a deep calling from our souls, asking us for undivided attention and care. 

Make 2019 the year of reclaiming yourself whole again –in body, mind and spirit. No more fragmentation or spreading ourselves too thin. No more hiding pain and sorrows. And no more neglecting our needs or disregarding our true voice.

In this lifetime we lose ourselves again and again, label after label, role after role, we forget our true nature.  So how can we get back to our truth? By rekindling with your true self and creating the life we truly want to live.

  1. Go within, reconnect with spirit and understand your place in the Universe.
  2. Find your true self, speak your truth and gain better understanding of your purpose.
  3. Reassess your current life and relationships, remove negativity and add meaning.
  4. Take charge of your life and own your decisions–for real. Mindful living truly makes a difference and keep us from recurrent regrets.
  5. Be kind to your body both energetically and physically. Remember your body is the temple holding your light…exercise often, eat well, rest plenty.

Make it the only resolution and make it count. No need for drastic changes, we recommend you try a gentle -yet powerful- spiritual approach of going within. Become the alchemist and sole chief-in-charge of your life.