“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

Thank you for visiting! I’m Numa Gaia and I consider myself a human potential coach with over 15 years of experience specialized in spiritual empowerment, mindful leadership and holistic entrepreneurship. I am a candid and compassionate soul-guide and healer eager to help you reach and achieve your best potential in life and business.

My passion for helping others is both my kryptonite and super hero power. Born with an intuitive gift and a unique view of life and spirituality, I am an ever-learning eclectic student of dharma who happens to have a strong business development background.   I can be labeled as a total (holistic) business geek. I served as a Financial Specialist for the USA Army, which evolved into a  bachelor’s degree in business and a decade of accounting, finance and auditing work; later I merged both my business and spiritual world by adding a master degree in metaphysics to my curriculum. Today I’m working on my doctorate in philosophy with specialized focus on Conscious Business Ethics and Holistic Life Coaching.

This unexpected twist and rare duality of spirituality meets discipline helps me integrate and enforce the great importance of following both your heart and mind in a loving and logical way for both personal and professional aspects of your life.

My coaching office is a sacred space for private, confidential, stress-free and non-judgmental assessments and path redesign.  As a coach I work as a breakthrough facilitator who amplifies the voices of emerging souls seeking to connect with their authenticity and true purpose.

Among the many social roles I play in this lifetime I am a woman, mom, an Earth citizen, intuitive coach, speaker, teacher, writer and connector.  My healing toolbox includes Spiritual Counseling, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, EFT, NLP and Guided Meditation; all available to help you find answers or the right questions from within.

Outside my coaching office and healing studio I’m a holistic entrepreneur proud to serve as a strategic liaison & breakthrough facilitator in the holistic industry inter-connecting experiences, consumers, experts, organizations & causes nationwide.   My business portfolio includes my very own projects (HOLISTIC GLOBE, Holistic Leadership Society, Santa Fe METHA and the Numa Gaia Foundation) and hundreds of holistic practitioner clients. With over a quarter million subscribers under my HOLISTIC GLOBE umbrella, my kindred community and successful journey makes me resourceful, well-connected and accomplished.

I am committed to mentor and provide guidance & insights on how to create, sustain and grow the conscious lifestyle of your dream and/or your unique holistic enterprise with authentic energy, best practices and standard business compliance. I can’t wait to meet you!