You’re invited to cultivate more followers, grow your holistic business and expand you reach. We can help you do it…and this is how.

HOLISTIC GLOBE understands and appreciate the unique value that expertise, message and resources like yours brings into the world and we are committed to help your professional practice stay acknowledged, skilled and relevant. We have added amazing perks into our portfolio to benefit our professional patrons beyond our advertising offerings and nationwide events, now featuring professional expert forum  membership, skill building live training and holistic-entrepreneurship-focused coaching programs.

  • Join our Magazine. Our full term advertisers get to participate in (any and all of) our events at no charge, live or remotely. If our member advertisers can’t be physically present to exhibit at a booth or table, they have the option to supply rack cards or post cards for event distribution. It combines the magazine ad, online listing, free expo participation and 2019 destinations’ flyer distribution for a simplified monthly rate, ranging from $400 and up. So it’s  guaranteed national exposure for a full year. Request Our Media Kit
  • Become a Professional Member. Along with professional affiliation and access to our business council, our expert forum membership grants you  premium event participation, ongoing editorial contribution, online and print advertising insertions.  Request Membership Kit
  • ​Join HolisticCEO Holistic Business Incubator.  This is a self-paced or guided weekly mastermind focused on empowerment, leadership and life+work balance. Along with personal encouragement and validation, each week we’ll navigate all aspects of business development covering conception, planning, structure, execution strategies, sales, branding, marketing and customer building techniques, understanding the intrinsic principles of holistic entrepreneurship and how to make it work for you. You’ll build the skills will help you elevate your mission and define your purpose, worth, wealth & legacy. 12-to-24 weeks  // $49 per week. More Info
  • Join Our Team. As we are expanding our offerings, we are now training and hiring experts who are interested in becoming Life+Business coaches and HOLISTIC GLOBE brand ambassadors. We welcome practitioners who care about teaching and helping others and who are open to earn additional income by complimenting or expanding their careers.  Yes, we do charge for the training and certification, giving you the no-string-attached option to work for yourself or join our national team. More Info