Feather & Crystal (Roll-On) Potions Handmade Magical Craft Essential Oil Potions for Healing, Empowerment and Manifestation.

Feather & Crystal (Roll-On) Potions kit was born out of the idea of capturing the fragrances of nature and our own inner magic to heal ourselves. Tashina’s unique 10 potions presenting a blend of powerful crystals, high end essential oils, organic herbs, flower extracts and magical enchantments to evoke healing, empowerment and intentional manifestation.

  • Oak Roots: (GROUNDING) A blend of Clary Sage, Lavender andGeranium in an Almond Oil base.

Oak trees have long been associated with symbols of strength and wisdom. This blend is meant to be deeply grounding, as if the wearer has grown thick roots into the earth. Lavender is one of the most calming oils there is and is often associated with wisdom. Clary sage and geranium balance this blend out with a loving, healing energy and scent. Blend contains 4 Onyx stones and 4 Tiger’s Eye stones. Eight is a number that evokes regeneration, order + system,polarity, and the idea of “as above, so below” (you can see this clearly when you look at the number 8 as its perfect reflection of itself). Onyx is a stone of strength, support, centering, and stamina. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of power-grounding, balancing, and protecting.

  • Celtic Dreams Sleeping Potion:  (RELAXATION) A blend of Frankincense, Lavender, and Ylang-Ylang in a Vitamin E Oil base.

Purposefully light, it is intended to aid you into drifting off into more calming worlds. This potion is soothing enough that you can wear it to help you relax into a peaceful sleep. Frankincense and Lavender have long been revered as two of the best essential oils to aid in sleep and relaxation. Ylang-ylang soothes the heart and mind after a long day. This potion has been delicately balanced as to not overpower your senses and keep you awake. Blend contains 10 amethyst pieces; amethyst is considered one of the most effective relaxing stones there is, while 10 is a number that evokes completion and renewal.

  • Durga’s Power Potion: (CONFIDENCE) A blend of Cardamom, Sweetgrass, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, and Jasmine in a Jojoba Oil base.

Durga is an incredible Hindu Goddess; considered to be “Power in Female Form”. She is beautiful, ferocious, loving, strong, and she is a protector from evil forces. Durga often rides a lion- a symbol of strength and power. This blend was crafted in her honor to help the wearer feel more powerful, strong, and sensual. Cardamom is the main note in this: an oil that ignites the senses with passion and fire. This potions’ intention is to help bring you self-confidence, inspiration, mental clarity, concentration, and courage while enchanting others around you, (and helping others listen to what you have to say!). Expelling anxiety and poor self-esteem, this is not a gentle healing potion. However,when you need confidence and courage to get something done, this is a great go-to!

Blend contains one tiger’s eye stone and one garnet stone on the bottom; the number 2 evoking balance, decisions, partnerships, and gathering + collecting. Tiger’s eye is a stone of power, grounding, balance,protection, and manifestation of your will. Garnet is a stone of self-love and attracting love, power, and protection.

  • Heart’s Ease Remedy:  (LOVE) A blend of Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Geranium, and Sandalwood in a Vitamin E Oil base.

The Heart’s Ease Remedy is like a balm for the heart. The combination of all four ingredients are intended to soothe and mend issues related to the heart;whether it be deep set difficulty in trusting others or the self, tensions,breakups, loss, etc. This oil helps to calm the heart while helping you gently open up to new life and new experiences that are better suited for your soul. Blend contains six pieces of rose quartz on the bottom; 6 being a number that evokes harmony and compassion while rose quartz is considered the best heart healer stone there is- helping to teach the “true essence of love” while bringing a calming energy that is gentle in healing trauma.

  • Sundrop Oil:  (POSITIVITY) A blend of Tangerine, Sweetgrass, and Geranium in an Apricot Kernel Oil base.

This Sundrop Oil is intended to brighten and sweeten your day. Tangerine has a naturally stimulating and uplifting scent to aid you in focusing on the task at hand. It’s an old tradition to peel an orange or tangerine before a test or interview to help you concentrate while eliminating nervousness! With the combination of sweetgrass and geranium to ease you gently into your goals, the Sundrop Oils’ intention is to prepare your senses for a productive day. Blend contains eight Citrine stones. Again the number 8 evokes regeneration, order and system, encirclement, and polarity while Citrine is the stone of sunshine and it promotes cleansing, abundance, luck, prosperity,happiness, and again- regeneration.

  • Meditation Blend: (MINDFULNESS) A blend of Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Geranium, Cardamom, and Rosewood in an Apricot Kernel Oil base.

This potion is meant to help with calming the mind and invigorating the senses.It’s joyful, yet with a very earthy energy. It’s got a kick of power in its essence. The Meditation Blend is helpful in concentration and the energy to get things done. Blend contains four Citrine stones; 4 being a number that evokes foundation, work before play, and stability while Citrine is a stone of joy,cleansing, energy, abundance, prosperity, and self-esteem.

  • Eos’s Power Potion: (INSPIRATION & CREATIVITY) A blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Cardamom, and Clary Sage in a Jojoba Oil base.

Eos is the Greek Titan Goddess of Dawn; her most notable siblings were Helios, God of the Sun and Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Ylang-ylang helps to heal the heart and soul gently while rose and jasmine inspire love, passion, and sensuality; Sandalwood and Clary Sage bring warmth to the being; cardamom brings what I call the “spice of life”. Together, this blend is meant to help aid the wearer gently to be more open to love of all kinds, to boost creativity, and to rekindle a lust for life. Blend contains five Tiger’s Eye stones; 5 being a number that evokes enchantment while Tiger’s Eye  is grounding, uplifting, protecting,balancing, loving, and full of power.

  • Dragon’s Potion: (POWER) A blend of Clove, Sandalwood, Rose, Sweetgrass, and Rosewood in an Almond Oil base.

Dragons are known as creatures of ancient magic, power, and wisdom. Clove is a stimulant and an aphrodisiac with antiviral and antiseptic properties. The spicy clove oil has been balanced with the seductive scents of sandalwood and rose, the gentle sweetness of Sweetgrass, and the earthy scent of rosewood.This oils’ intention is to draw power and people to you without overwhelming them and to give you strength of will. Blend contains 5 stones on the bottom; 2 Onyx stones and 3 garnet stones. The number 5 evokes enchantment, freedom, and romance while Onyx is a stone of inner strength, protection, grounding and self-mastery and garnet is a stone of love, devotion, commitment, courage, and self-confidence.

  • Aphrodite’s Power Potion: (PASSION) A blend of Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, and Cardamom in aVitamin E Oil base.

Aphrodite: the stunning Greek goddess of love, beauty, and eternal youth. This oil is my most sensual with the most predominant scent being the pure rose extract. Intended to uplift the senses and the heart, this potion brings in a rounded view of love of the self and others. Passionate, awakening, and inspiring, yet gentle, soothing, and calming. Blend contains five garnet stones on the bottom; 5 being a number that represents enchantment and the language of love and passion while garnet is a stone of passion or serenity (as appropriate). Garnets are beautiful stones; they not only inspire love,passion, sensuality, and devotion but they also aid in controlling anger against the self and help to bring courage in a situation that seems hopeless.

  • Earth Fairy Oil: (AWARENESS) A blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood,Ylang-Ylang, and Cedarwood in an Apricot Kernel Oil base.

Earth Faeries are ancient creatures that dwell in trees and meadows and have been a part of folklore for a long time. This potion reflects the bewitching magic of these creatures while bringing a grounding, earthy energy. This combination of jasmine and Ylang-Ylang helps to ease tensions, apprehensions, and anxiety and promote a gentle opening of the heart while Sandalwood and Cedarwood are naturally grounding and healing. Blend contains 7 amethysts; 7 being a number that evokes spirituality and wisdom while amethyst is a stone of protection,higher consciousness, deep relaxation and calm, and enhanced intuition.