Our Expo-Conference

Since 2009 facilitating opportunities for education, healing and meaningful networking. 

HolisticGLOBE expo is a fun, educative and transformational show created for the entire family, presenting a celebration of spirituality, holistic wellness and sustainability featuring experts of the healing arts and natural resources.

Year after year, our live events hosts hundreds of exhibitors and experts, welcome thousands of eager attendees and originate powerful kindred connections and collaborative business alliances.

We provide opportunities for education, healing, transformation and meaningful networking in a loving, non-competitive and co-creative atmosphere featuring local, national & international participants, product launches, special demos, screenings, product samplings and hundreds of hours of free holistic education and workshops.

Featured Categories & Specialties

  • Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Health and Wellness
  • Beauty and Self-Care
  • Fitness and Longevity
  • Leadership, Success and Human Potential
  • Green Living & Sustainability
  • Corporate Wellness & Holistic Entrepreneurship

Our events and magazine travel across the United States and selected international destinations with the purpose of showcasing the kindred experts, products and resources that can bring empowerment, transformational breakthroughs, life meaning, purpose and self-realization to humanity.