Coaching Programs

Our self-coaching and coach-guided programs can help you discover, create and sustain an authentic and successful lifestyle, career and business that’s in complete alignment with who you truly are.

In every success story, you will find someone who has made the smart and courageous decision of working with a mentor or consulting an expert. Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness but of strength and determination. Life and entrepreneurial journeys can be hard and confusing alone, as we can get lost in our own equation and emotions. Seeking help of an expert or kindred qualified peers reduces our risks and learning curves, saving us time, heartache and money. 

Self-mastery gives you the strength and wisdom to understand and accept the reality of impermanence and the inevitable changes of life.  Changes will come into to our life, career and businesses and it’s up to our positive attitude, innovate creativity and readiness how we’ll successfully integrate the change as part of our growth with wisdom, confidence and endurance. Regardless if we are facing beginnings, transition, culmination or evolution in our journey we do have the power and strength to make it work for us beyond our wildest dreams.

Numa Gaia‘s (life and business) coaching offerings are designed to honor our divine purpose and intuitive nature. Her holistic approach helps unveil our authentic spiritual self, best interests, our connection to source, and sacred universal laws with the intent to achieve Life/Work balance, meaningful goals and the understanding of how and why you matter.

With goal-solution-and-results in mind, she uses special (direct and non-direct) techniques to navigate thru inner and outer challenges, pain, negativity, fears and blockages that might be standing in your way to happiness and success. 

Same authentic concept applies to your career and business plans. All business development, marketing and sales training, will integrate based on the individual’s energy and purpose, so training and specific skills can truly integrate and become relevant, achievable and sustainable.

A holistic coach can help you go within yourself and find the right solution for your unique problems and the right enhancement for your unique talents and gifts. Our coaching programs are created to bring out, cultivate and nurture your inner strengths and power. We have develop an authentic, intuitive and very powerful  results-driven mentoring programs and empowerment systems for your life, your career and business.

Coaching Programs Options

Self-Paced / Online

Guided/Individual Mentoring

  • Ignited – Live (In-Person) Peer Support Group
    (Life and Business Coaching)
  • Evoke – Live/Remote Individual Private Sessions 
    (Life and Business Coaching)
  • Iconic – Marketing Accelerator Live Event (Business Coaching)

Membership is NOT required in order to join self-paced or guided coaching programs. You can enjoy access to our self-paced online coaching programs by joining each program individually or as featured benefits of your lifestyle, professional or collective membership. Along with coaching program access, community membership grants you free event tickets, print magazine subscription and 50% discount on one-on-one individual private coaching sessions.