Make a living doing what you love! Become a holistic life+business coach and empowerment ambassador. You’re invited to transform your life, manifest your purpose, scale up your resources and achieve financial autonomy.

Holistic coaches are powerful co-creators helping clients heal & overcome issues, re-assess the meaning of life and access their full potential.

Join our expert forum by becoming an evolutionary certified coach and breakthrough facilitator.  Build a meaningful and profitable career helping others achieve life/work balance, become awaken, empowered and true masters of their destiny.

We welcome the doers, movers-and-shakers, leaders, teachers and healers, ready to work and make life happen. This is NOT a self-limiting salaried job offer, but a career development opportunity and immediate affiliation proposal for experts ready to answer their calling and step up to the challenge. A rewarding life+career awaits…!

As a brand ambassador under our wing, you will acquire the training & certification, ongoing support and guaranteed market positioning. You will be able to leverage from our extensive b2b portfolio, nationwide events and vast holistic resources while building your coaching practice and making money from day one.

If you resonate with our vision and mission and you are self-motivated, dedicated, heart-centric, ready to prosper and eager to make a difference in your life and others, this life-defining opportunity is perfect for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

This is a long term self-employment career that allows you to work from home or remotely and you will get to collaborate with our CEO, our staff, amazing hosts, industry experts and influential innovators all at some of the most beautiful properties in the world. If you enjoy our brand, resonate with our mission and appreciate the process, we can help you elevate your career and position you among the best.

Certification and Training Schedule

8 Module TRAINING/CERTIFICATION and Business DEVELOPMENT PROCESS (Self-Study and Guided Sessions)

  • Module 1 Establishing Your Core Foundation and Unique Edge
  • Module 2  Coaching Fundamentals: Best practices, responsibilities, ethics and boundaries. Including establishing the differences between coaching, consulting and therapy; proper use of assessment tools, techniques and interviewing strategies.
  • Module 3  Body Mind Spirit (Holistic Life) Coaching Model
  • Module 4  Evol.u.tionary Blueprint™ (Holistic Business) 4-Pillar Coaching Method
  • Module 5  Executive Coaching Model
  • Module 6  Program Assessment + Coaching Certification
  • Module 7  Business Development and Competence Hands-On Practice
  • Module 8  Portfolio Integration
  • Module 3  Body Mind Spirit Coaching System

Training Options

  • Standard 48-Weeks (Online/Remote) 1 session per week
  • Express 24-Weeks (Online Remote) 2 sessions per week
  • Fast-Track 13 Weeks // Week 1 (6 Days Intensive Live Seminar) + 12 Weeks Remote/Online Coaching Session, Portfolio Integration and Business Practice Development.

Training Tuition and Potential Income

  • Yes, you do have to initially invest money and time in training and certification tuition. We will train, coach and license you + assist you in developing your coaching practice. Paying for your training grants you the non-exclusive flexibility and the no-string-attached option to train, get certified and soar on your own if you so wish. Joining our team after training is 100% at will. Either way you choose, fly solo or join our leadership team, we’ll gladly respect your decision and honor your free will. No questions asked.
  • To better accommodate qualified participants, we are extending a 50% discounted training and certification tuition fee reduced to $4,999 one-time payment or flex pay in 3, 6 or 9 installments. Licensing program is limited to 12 candidates per training cycle. (standard certification fee is $9,999)
  • Training tuition includes entire program, all training materials, module evaluations and weekly coaching sessions.
  • Expert Forum income potential $25,000+$250,000 per year (depending on expert’s specialty, portfolio affiliation, p/t or f/t schedule availability, travel limitations, brand engagement and personal efforts).
  • Income Stream: B2B portfolio, virtual and live events, coaching program and remote/live coaching sessions.

Candidate’s Helpful Skills & Traits

No coaching experience required, but ideal candidates should have a passion for teaching and helping others. Entrepreneurial drive, good leadership and listening skills a plus!

  • Customer Service, Business, Marketing/PR, or Sales/Business background/degree (preferred) or at least 2+ years of verifiable relevant experience.
  • Ability to develop relationships with an array of businesses and unique individuals.
  • Computer literacy: Have knowledge and experience with PC/Windows and Microsoft Office, including but not limited to Word, Excel and Outlook. Also strong internet navigation, online research, email marketing and social media expertise.
  • Professional demeanor a must! Able to conduct business at all times with the highest standards of personal, professional and ethical conduct. Expert Forum experts work directly with our CEO. Experience working with high profile executive are a plus.
  • Highly organized, detail oriented, self-motivated and energetic. Ability to work well under pressure, handle rejections and overcome obstacles.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and maintain accurate and detailed records of all transactions and procedures.
  • Great telephone skills, familiar with business to business event registrations, scripts and sales presentation.
  • Ability to host coaching groups and/or participate in 4-12 retreats/events per year
  • Valid Passport

How to Apply

For interview consideration please email us your resume, cover letter and bio. Also please include your web/blog url and all available social media links relevant to your work/career. Email us at

Due to space availability, we reserve the right to review, approve or decline applicants. Licensing program limited to 12 participants per year. We’re an Equal Opportunity Employer.