Now that AUTUMN is upon us, let’s take a look at what this season has in store for our future. To start us off, SEPTEMBER will be one of the best months to initiate a desired endeavor, especially after Saturn shifts into direct motion on 9-6-18. At the same time, this planet, associated with concrete results, will also present us with a number of “reality checks,” requiring us to be practical.

The planetary relationships at the FALL EQUINOX, occurring on 9-22-18, will set the overall tone for the next 3 months. With the Sun (center of activity) and Mercury (communications) together in relational Libra, we are advised to consider all who are involved in whatever we are doing. Chiron (the “wounded healer”) in Aries (the Self) opposite the Sun and Mercury, indicates that it is best to avoid creating wounding experiences. Saturn (the status quo) at odds with Uranus (change) will result in friction between those of the past and those of the future. The wisest approach will be to compromise, then move ahead slowly with carefully constructed plans.

On 9-25-18 Chiron (the “wounded healer”) will transition back into Pisces. New opportunities will arise to further develop our compassion, as our sensitivity increases in response to our own and others’ wounds.

Then, Pluto will turn direct in Capricorn on 9-30-18. Our world will experience more societal transformation through breakdowns and breakthroughs. On a personal level, we will have the chance to direct our lives from a place of greater self-empowerment. 

OCTOBER will bring the retrograde of Venus on 10-5-18 (through 11-16-18). This phase ushers in a time to reflect upon and re-evaluate several life concerns: (1) our relationship to ourselves and others; (2) our values and priorities; and (3) our resources and finances. With Venus traveling in Libra and Scorpio – both associated with relationships – this theme will be particularly emphasized. The world financial system is also likely to be highlighted.

In NOVEMBER, there will be many significant planetary shifts. On 11-6-18, Uranus will return to late Aries. This final passage will offer us the opportunity to complete whatever changes were begun within the past 7 years. It is also highly probable that powerful events will happen around the world, especially related to themes of individual freedom and independence.

On 11-8-18 Jupiter will enter Sagittarius for a full year. We will have the urge to expand our horizons, whether through travel, higher education, philosophy, etc. In addition, there will be a natural impulse toward elevating our ethics, morals, and standards.

A major karmic shift will then begin on 11-15-18 when the North Node transitions into Cancer for the next 1 ½ years. Our focus will turn more to matters concerning our inner emotional realm, as well as home and family. On the broader level, we will direct more attention toward our national home, as the U.S. was birthed in Cancer. Meanwhile, the karmic South Node will start its travels through Capricorn, relating to our responsibilities and work lives. The challenge will be to release the unhealthy aspects of our externally-driven productive nature, so that we can support our emotional, personal, and family lives more fully. 

Then, beginning 11-16-18 (until 12-6-18) Mercury will retrograde through Sagittarius and Scorpio. While in Sagittarius, we will have the opportunity to contemplate our most-cherished ideals and beliefs, and how well they do or do not support our vision of and faith in the future. While briefly in Scorpio, we can seriously consider how authentic and enduring our ideals, beliefs, and faith really are. As with all Mercury retrogrades, more frequent miscommunications, malfunctions related to phones, computers, etc., motorized vehicle breakdowns, and disruptions of travel plans will occur. If at all possible and practical, it will be best to postpone making any large purchases or signing any important contracts.

Finally, Neptune will move forward in Pisces on 11-24-18. Thistransition will continue to blur the boundaries between different countries,cultures, religions, etc., largely as a result of ongoing mass emigrationsacross the earth, as well as the World Wide Web. These profound changes have heightenedanxieties about cultural, religious, and national identity, but have also inspiredgreater compassion and altruism across our planetary home.

Astrology Forecast by

Teresa Betcher / Celestial Awakenings Astrology