eMail Marketing

Our newsletter’s subscribership is compound by hundreds of thousands conscious consumers and holistic enthusiast committed to their spiritual development and healthy/green lifestyles. They are our mindful and engaged members, event goers and supporters, advertisers, vendors, sponsors, experts and magazine subscribers.

You can enjoy immediate exposure to our community by advertising in our e-newsletter or by booking an on-demand solo-campaign (to entire database, geo target or interest group).

Our  active (USA) database (268,863) is segmented by 4 mayor topic of interest:

  • Body Mind Spirit, Spirituality and Mindfulness  (36%)
  • Health, Beauty, Wellness & Self-Care (28%)
  • Green Living, Sustainable Brand & Earth-Friendly Products (24%)
  • Leadership, Success & Human Potential (12%)

Relevant demographic:

  • Gender   73% Female      /     27% Male
  • Age Groups  <35  19%        36-54 59%       55+   22%
  • Average Annual Income 67,000