We serve and cater an awaken and empowered community of hundreds of thousands conscious consumers and holistic enthusiast committed to their spiritual development and healthy/green lifestyles. They are engaged members, magazine subscribers, mindful travelers, event goers, coaching clients, holistic CEOs, vendors, sponsors and supporters of all that HOLISTIC GLOBE has to share, and they are eager to learn more about our like-minded partners and featured providers.

The answer to growing your following and establishing your brand resides in intentional, focused and influential marketing. HOLISTIC GLOBE community is now 268,000+ subscribers strong. And day after day we’re are doing the heavy lifting for you, so you can leverage from our continuous growth, significant multi-platform presence and established loyal following. 

So why you should advertise with us? Because we help you…

  • engage with a powerful and receptive niche
  • enhance your target reach efforts
  • grow your following
  • establish the value of your brand, products and services
  • create accountability and evidence of your work

What makes HOLISTIC GLOBE influential?

  • Transparent, Established and inclusive Brand: Our imminent growth and  determined commitment to our mission. Our brand is inclusive, compassionate, relevant and in consistent alignment with our vision and social manifesto.
  • Committed, Hard-Working and Passionate Woman CEO/ Founder: Numa Gaia is a very active sought-after holistic lifestyle expert and an established advocate for empowerment and holistic entrepreneurship, fully committed to the success of every single one of our members and vendors.
  • Industry Leadership and Experience: Over a decade of experience working hands-on (live and online) in our holistic industry catering our followers, enthusiastic members and providers alike.
  • Positive, Diverse and Inclusive Community: Over a quarter million subscribers nationwide – loyal and eager to receive our messages.
  • Online Activism and Live Outreach: Our events and resources travel across the United States and selected international destinations with the purpose of educating, collaborating and showcasing the kindred experts, products and resources that can bring empowerment, life-changing breakthroughs, purpose and self-realization to humankind.
  • Professional Edge: Our HolisticCEO entrepreneurial incubator, networking events, brand showcase and skill building training we extend holistic professionals, crafted with the intent to motivate action, inspire success, align purpose and sharpen professionalism.
  • Innovative and Progressive: Our multi-media advertising, membership programs and professional training platform ever developing to resonate with changing times.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Strategic Editorial Placement:  Featured posts, articles, testimonials, product reviews, special blog features and podcast interviews.
  • Direct Outreach: eMail Marketing 
  • Online Advertising: Business/Experts/Event Listings and Web Banners

We do not support barter/exchange propositions, ppc or commission based affiliate models. We reserve the right to approve/decline advertising insertion orders based on topic relevance and space availability. We also inspect, review and edit all insertion orders in accordance to our editorial standards.