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What makes HOLISTIC GLOBE influential?

  • Our focused and dedicated CEO & Founder ~ a resourceful leader and active advocate for  holistic entrepreneurship and committed to the success of every single one of our members. She is the heart-and-mind behind our enterprises and projects keeping our staff and allies inspired and engaged.
  • Our brand is inclusive, compassionate, relevant and consistent in alignment with our mission, vision and social manifesto.
  • Over a quarter million subscribers nationwide – loyal and eager to receive our messages. We sustain their passion with relevant and consistent educational, inspirational and informative distribution across all channels.
  • Our live event presence. Our events and magazine travel across the United States and selected international destinations with the purpose of showcasing the kindred experts, products and resources that can bring empowerment, life-changing breakthroughs, life meaning, purpose and self-realization to humanity.
  • 10+ years of experience working hands-on (live and online) in our holistic industry catering the healthy, spiritual and sustainable followers, enthusiasts and providers alike.
  • The many professional alliances and relevant connections generated by our events, trainings and professional resources.


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