I have a vision of a world where people (anyone and everyone – women, children and men alike) can actually find their true voice, embrace their full potential and access the tools, resources and experts to help them succeed in all aspects of their life. I believe we can all be inspired and guided to become the best version of ourselves: happy, spiritually awaken, healthy, mindful and compassionate human beings.  HOLISTIC GLOBE was channeled and crafted through me and the help of many kindred mentors to help make this vision manifest for all of us -regardless- of age, gender, sexuality, religious creed, social-economic background or lifestyle preferences. We are all earth citizens, living our human experiences, and we share the same ability to make positive changes in our lives and our world. Let’s walk the talk and unfold our purpose today…

~ Numa Gaia / CEO & Founder

Since 2009, the HOLISTIC GLOBE brand caters information, inspiration and experiences to support conscious-living choices and healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyles.

Our events and magazine travel across the United States and selected international destinations with the purpose of showcasing the kindred experts, products and resources that can bring empowerment, life-changing breakthroughs, life meaning, purpose and self-realization to humanity.

We aim to provide opportunities for education, healing, transformation and meaningful networking in a loving, non-competitive and co-creative atmosphere featuring local, national & international participants, product launches, special demos, screenings, product samplings and hundreds of hours of free holistic education and workshops.

Today we are over a quarter million subscribers strong and blessed by thousands of web visitors and inquires; and despite our imminent growth -our mission, commitment and advocacy remains the same- which is supporting YOU as you work gently on your very own self-development journey.

You’re invite to explore our world and be open to expand yours, as you allow your eyes-heart-and-mind to open up for unconditional love, ongoing support and a growing community of like-minded.  Onward and upward!

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