Event Exhibiting – FAQ

1. Admission

General Admission, Networking Passes and All-Access tickets available.  Registered vendors receive free general admissions tickets to share with their staff, friends, family and loyal clients as part of their exhibit package.


  • Main Events – Standard: $10 General Admission/ $5 Seniors (Buy Ticket Online and Bring a Free Guest)
  • Main Events – Networking Luncheon VIP Pass available.
  • Always FREE for Holistic Authority Leadership Society Members and HolisticGLOBE Magazine subscribers.
  • FREE for Military/Veterans/Law Enforcement and Children 12 and under.

2. Event Community

Our expos and networking events attract:

  • Loyal conscious consumers and seekers interest in self-improvement and positive lifestyle changes.
  • Educated and affluent philanthropists, social catalysts and green socialites.
  • Holistic Practitioners and Wellness Professionals.
  • Sole-entrepreneurs, independent professionals and business owners who are planning, developing or running green/holistic/spiritual/mindful/sustainable practices, products and brands.
  • Social activists, metaphysical teachers and up and coming new thought & spiritual leaders.

3. Attendance Info

We are committed to support each community we visit and/or sponsor to the best of our abilities, including special outreach programs and free and/or discounted admission.

All our events are subject to extensive multi-media advertising, strategic media partnerships and public relation efforts, yet they are vulnerable to external factors such as unexpected social-political agendas, predetermined community calendars, weather influence and emergency evacuations; therefore we DO NOT guarantee exact attendance numbers.

We do guarantee that our sponsors, vendors and supporters receive the maximum exposure possible within their registration tier, before-during-and-after our events, regardless of event attendance. Exhibitor package include a complimentary 1-year directory listing on our website and a one-time e-newsletter ad insertion, which is emailed to our entire national database (260,000+ subscribers).

Traffic Flow Statistic

  • Evolutionary Blueprint (Limited to 12 Annual Participants)
  • Business Conference (Restricted) 25-100
  • Annual Retreats 25-250
  • Networking Gathering 100-500
  • Local Fairs 500-1000
  • Expo-Conference  1000-2500
  • Main Events and HolisticGLOBE Sponsored 2500-5000

Please note these numbers are based on paid admission registry only and DO NOT not include nor reflect accountability of free events or free admissions extended to children, seniors 55+, military veterans, active military and law enforcement.

Demographics (2015-2016 Data)

  • 73% Female /  27% Male
  • < 35 19%
  • 36-54 59%
  • 55+ 22%

3. Vendor Participation Options

Absolutely No Alcohol/Tobacco related products allowed.

We offer networking, exhibiting and sponsorship options. Exhibits range from basic to premium. Sponsorship tiers include local (1-day event) with or without extended 1-year advertising and exposure and national multi-events options for maximum impact and influence. Request Info

We welcome local, national and international vendors, experts and brands in-tuned with our mission statement and making positive contributions in our world:

  • Body-Mind-Spirit (Spirituality and Mindfulness)
  • Health, Wellness & Self-Care
  • Healing Arts and Natural Resources
  • Holistic Lifestyles & Healthy Living
  • Leadership, Success & Human Potential
  • Green Living Resources, Sustainable/Earth-Friendly Products
  • Socially Conscious and Ethical Brands
  • Self-Help & Personal Growth
  • Corporate Wellness and Empowering Professional Services
  • Impact Investments

4. Vendor Exhibiting at Retreats and Networking Events

Vendors are welcome in all HolisticGLOBE events, including our expos, retreats and networking gatherings. Please contact us for details on specific event terms and availability.

5. Preferred Venues and Standard Floor Plans

  • HolisticGLOBE Expo events are INDOOR events.  No loud speakers, candles, incense, scent diffusers or similar allergenic or fire hazards allowed.
  • Vendor Exhibits are Table Tops ONLY -Single or Double Sets- NO ENCLOSED BOOTHS/NO PIPE-DRAPE/NO ENCLOSURES. Exhibitors’ lounge sustains an open-floor environment which allows energy flow, non-restrain interactions and open-door to deeper human connections.
  • 10′ x 10′ or larger flex spaces and open booths available.
  • Exhibits are booked on a first come-first serve basis subject to approval and topic/category availability. Spaces are limited and we reserve the right to approved/decline applicants at our own discretion.
  • Electricity access is usually very limited. Additional charge for electrical outlet access may or may not be applicable, depending on venue’s specifics.  Electrical outlet access limited to (ONE) device only and vendor must bring own extension cord.

6. MLM/Direct Sales Brands

We welcome and book MLM/Direct sales brands on a first come first serve basis, limited to ONE vendor/representative per brand. Registering first grants you brand exclusivity and priority booking for future events.  If you are a direct sales/MLM brand independent representative be sure to first confirm if your brand has already register or not before you pay for your exhibit.

7. Vending Rules, Privileges and Profitability

  • Sponsors/exhibitors are allowed to share/display information and conduct product/services sales, unless specified not to. We do NOT charge commission on our vendors’ sales. Our vendors keep 100% of their product and service sales at our shows. No commissions or additional fees will apply to your participation other than exhibit fees and any advertising and/or add-on you voluntarily selected.
  • National Registry listing is available or included at the time of registration.
  • As part of our loyalty program all returning vendors, members and advertisers are always given 1st priority for events booking.
  • We extend discounted “Early Bird” and Non-Profit rates. We also honor our members and returning vendors with loyalty discount program. Promotional offers vary upon event locations and may or may not be used combined.

8. Booking a Teaching, Book-Signing or Product Demo Reservation

  • Expert showcases spaces are included with our premium registration options, booked on a first come first served basis. To guarantee undivided attention to our presenters we limit our classroom to one single stage and up to 6 experts per event. All bookings are subject to space availability and topic/interest approval. Package includes 45-Min presentation time and online/e-newsletter advertising.

9. Keynote Engagements

  • Guest/vendor speakers, teachers and workshop presenters are not considered keynotes and their presentations are FREE to the public with paid admission. A keynote presentation usually involves exclusive marketing, special bookings and separate ticketing.
  • Keynote experts are booked by invitation only. We do NOT book experts from agencies or talent management companies.
  • We do not charge nor compensate keynote participation. In some cases we consider win/win partnerships with ticketing and back-end-sales profit sharing projects. (Subject to space availability and topic/interest approval).

10. Access to Member or Subscriber Database

Sponsors/vendors/advertisers DO NOT have access to your subscriber/member database.  As part of our privacy and non-disclosure policy we guarantee safety and confidentiality for our members and participating experts alike. Your personal/business information or email account will NEVER be shared, disclosed or sold to 3rd party users or to members of our community.

  • As participating attendee you have the option at your discretion to share your email or contact info with vendors or experts of your interest for product ordering or appointments follow ups. We recommend you keep personal info sharing to the minimum.
  • As a featured experts/brand in our shows you are welcome to collect “at-will” emails and lead info directly from our attendees the day of the event -with their consent ONLY.  You are also welcome to advertise in our e-newsletter, podcast or magazine, all which reaches our entire community of members and subscribers.

11. Event Advertising Opportunities

HolisticGLOBE Magazine (print/digital) advertising available -display ads and directory listings- at 50% off standard rate card for participating vendors!

Print advertising insertion deadlines:

  • Dec 15th (Jan/Feb Issue)
  • Feb 15th (Mar/Apr Issue)
  • Apr 15 (May/Jun Issue)
  • Jun 15 (Jul/Aug Issue)
  • Aug 15 (Sep/Oct Issue)
  • Oct 15 (Dec/Jan Issue)

Along with print advertising, we also offer Podcast insertions (Holistic Globe Radio® Interviews), and e-Mail Marketing (e-Newsletter ads or Solo Campaigns).

  • Everyone is welcome to advertise.  You are NOT required to be a member or a registered vendor in order to place an advertising order. You are welcome to advertise even if you don’t participate at the specific show(s).
  • Extended Advertising Discount Privilege (25% OFF) All featured registered event vendors and advertisers are welcome to kick-start or extend their campaigns beyond event date. We offer our exclusive loyalty 25% discount off rate card as incentive and token of gratitude for immediate advertising extensions.

12. Vendor Exhibiting Terms

  • HolisticGLOBE Expo, annual retreat and networking events are owned, produced and managed by the Holistic Globe Media Inc. All rights reserved 2009-2017.
  • As participating registered vendor, you and your organization consent to interview(s), photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on web sites, or any other purpose by Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society/HolisticGLOBE and all its affiliates and representatives.
  • As participating registered vendor, you release Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society/HolisticGLOBE, its officers and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication of interviews, photographs, computer images, video and/or or sound recordings.
  • As participating registered vendor, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for credit, reward, payment or royalties in connection with any sale, promotion, exhibition, streaming, webcasting, televising, or other publication of broadcast materials, regardless of the purpose or whether a service or royalty fee is charged.  You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society/HolisticGLOBE and all its affiliates and representatives, or the person or entity designated to do so.
  • License and Usage: Advertiser/Exhibitor hereby grants Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society/HolisticGLOBE a limited, non-exclusive license to use your trade name, logo, artwork, trademarks, service marks and other proprietary information owned by the advertiser. Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society/HolisticGLOBE agrees that the Proprietary Information will be used only in connection with the broadcast to provide the benefits set forth in the advertising agreement.
  • No-Refund Policy: Exhibiting and Advertising Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Event participation and advertising charges are non-refundable, with the unique exception of event cancellation by producer when not providing alternative date/location. In the event of any unauthorized refund claim against original transaction and/or to originating financial institution,  advertiser/vendor will be pursued legally for breach of contract and will be charged with a penalty fee equivalent to 2x transaction amount or $10,000 –whichever lesser- plus any additional banking and legal fees caused by such claim.
  • Transferability Policy: Exhibit Agreement is NOT transferable.