Soul Alchemy – Mystical & Spiritual Holiday White Party

December 8, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – December 9, 2017 @ 12:00 am
Dream Catcher Retreat Center Santa Fe
SantaFE METHA & DreamCatcher Retreat Center



Soul Alchemy Mystical Holiday White Party

Hosted by SantaFe METHA  & DreamCatcher Retreat Center
  Sponsored by HolisticGLOBE Media

Dress Code Strictly Enforce: White Clothing Only

Please wear white warm and comfortable clothes, as we aim to elevate our vibration and harness positivity. The color white represents the white light and symbolizes our authentic spiritual essence.

Join us for an enchanted evening of unconditional love, friendship and gratitude. Uplift your spirit with a magical and transformational gathering of kindred networking, sacred healing and blessings ceremonies and a soul alchemy spiritual dance party.

Experience a one of a kind celebration of life and spirituality as we gather Santa Fe’s conscious, holistic and spiritual community.

You’ll enjoy a healthy dinner and organic cocktails, a powerful guided meditation around our love & healing altar, a sacred labyrinth walk and blessing ceremony, and a soul alchemy dance party to elevate and connect with your energy and vibration with the infinite source.

Close 2017 and build great momentum for 2018  in the company of like-minded influential holistic entrepreneurs, talented healers, visionaries, philanthropists, heart-centered experts, green socialites and local vendors coming together to honor each other and empower our connection.

7pm Networking Dinner Buffet

We’ll open our evening with a delicious and healthy dinner buffet. Good time to network, meet & mingle with new friends and say hello to our vendors.

8pm Sacred Ceremonies

Love and Healing Altar: we invite you to please bring sacred items, loved ones pictures or prayer list to be placed on our altar for blessings and healing channeling during our sacred ceremonies.

Gratitude Ritual

Our ritual is all about bringing sacredness into your life, and about honoring something greater than you and I. Clean your aura and your chakras in preparation for higher connection and communion with the Divine, triggering self-healing and helping us to re-connect with the forces moving the universe, that energy that is within all life.

We are grateful for life’s blessings, prosperity opportunities, new friends and our loved ones. We’ll connect with our creator, spirit guides and our higher guidance to honor Gaia – Pachamama – Mother Earth and all she gifts us with; water, air, food, life itself.

Labyrinth Walk White Candle Blessing Meditation

Lighting a candle is a highly spiritual, symbolic act opening up an etheric gateway and acting as a portal to the celestial realms. Used since ancient times, candles are a natural way to connect with the Divine.

White candles represent infinite light, faith and hope. As a profound symbol of illumination, affirmation and manifestation, candles are a well-used sacred tool for worship and ceremony, as well as magic and manifestation.  We’ll close our healing and gratitude ceremony with a walk to our sacred labyrinth, as we offer a white candle light to our ancestors, our loved ones and our spiritual selves.

9pm Flow Spiritual Dance Party

Dance is perhaps one of the oldest and most widespread practices known to man, which not only fulfills our need for free expression and joy, but also bridges a gap between the finite and infinite.

Connect your body, aura and heartbeat with the universe and its infinite source of joy. Vibrate amongst waves of happiness and spiritual nirvana. Let your spirit guide you and dance like none is watching! Allow your soul to dance your worries, sorrows and stress away. Channel your emotions and feel your vibrations as you decompress and unveil the magic of your true soul.