Joining HolisticGLOBE is a game changer for your holistic practice. Our interactive platform and media bundle is an exclusive opportunity for positive impact, targeted marketing, focused delivery and brand recognition for your organization.

We offer a full service -sales & marketing- portfolio focused on distribution, client attraction, sales, loyalty programs and client retention. Including brand development, event marketing, products & services promotions and book tours.

HolisticGLOBE Campaigns (Total Reach 268,000+ Subscribers)

Our professional community, nationwide events and ongoing multi-market publications reach hundreds of thousands of eager healthy living enthusiasts and conscious-consumers nationwide including our members, advertisers,  event attendees, vendors, sponsors, Holistic Authority™ Forum experts and our loyal e-newsletter and magazine subscribers. We are also blessed by hundreds of daily unique web visitors seeking and following the experts, information, services and products we showcase and actively involved in our events.

  • Display Ads, Articles & Advertorials (Print Magazine)
  • Directory/Marketplace Listings (Print & Online)
  • Event Calendar Listings (Print & Online)
  • eMail Marketing (eNewsletter Ads or Solo Campaigns)
  • Podcast Insertions & Interviews
  • Web Banners

JV Club Partnership

Boost your e-mail list by adding the power of 50,000+ verified and confirmed HolisticGLOBE subscribers who voluntarily opted-in to receive 3rd party announcements from our advertisers and JV partners, giving you the chance to directly promote your events, products and services and cultivate your very own following and loyalty programs.

Marketing Consulting

Include market research, strategic plan, branding consulting, budgeting, design, execution and reporting.

  1. Market Research & Marketing Plan Development
  2. Online Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media Layouts/Design, Social Media Management, eMail Marketing, PPC, Adwords, Analytics, Retargeting
  3. E-Commerce Development & Management
  4. Podcast Development & Management
  5. Web Video Production
  6. Print & Traditional Advertising
  7. Direct Mail Campaigns
  8. Brand Consulting: Logo Design, Web/Blog Design, Business Cards, Flyers