HolisticGLOBE Magazine

HolisticGLOBE Magazine is a national platform for the experts, resources and brands contributing to  inspiration, holistic education, human potential, wellness, sustainability and positive lifestyles.

We present beautiful and vibrant -earth-friendly- 9″x 12″ full color high-end print books (and digital editions) crafted with meaning and purpose to connect with our senses, emotions and energetic vibrations. Each issue caters information, inspiration and connections to help support your conscious-living choices and healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyles.

Rich and uplifting content features articles, interviews, reviews, expert guidance and insights on how to live an inspired, wholesome and healthy. We gather the collective wisdom, experiences and best moments of our events, podcast and mastermind forums. Also featuring our members,  exhibitors and sponsors, latest trends and recommendations, mindful research and nationwide event listings.