Our CEO & Founder

Maria Baez, RM Cht  is the brains and heart behind the HolisticGLOBE brand’s empire and the eclectic visionary who in under 5 years -with true passion, business acumen, hard work and dedication– turned a part-time holistic practice into one of the largest holistic platform in the nation.

Holistic practitioner, intuitive counselor and business development expert Maria is one the most engaged leaders and strategic liaison in the holistic industry inter-connecting consumers, experts, organizations, causes and providers nationwide. With over a quarter million subscribers, she is resourceful, well-connected and an accomplished mentor providing guidance and insights on how to create, sustain and grow a holistic enterprise with authentic energy, best practices and standard business compliance.

Her professional community, the Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society stands for progressive entrepreneurship, impact investments and self-sustainable business practices for holistic practitioners. Her leadership and passion is reflected on the true commitment of this alliance, created to help you build, nurture and grow holistic businesses, keeping dreams and visions alive and ever expanding.

  • Holistic Entrepreneur and Business Coach
  • Intuitive Soul Guide, Teacher & Author
  • Ordained Minister & Reiki Master
  • EFT Healer,  Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Born intuitive with an unique view of life and spirituality, she is an ever-learning spiritual teacher with a diverse corporate business and military background. This unexpected twist and rare duality of spirituality meets discipline helps her integrate and enforce the great importance of following both your heart and mind in a loving and logical way for both personal and professional aspects of your life.

In her mid-twenties, while still working as staff accountant at a prestigious CPA firm in South Florida, she started a small holistic practice as a Reiki master and spiritual counselor, facilitating free Reiki circles, Reiki certification classes, spiritual readings, healing therapies and meditation; her practice evolved as she incorporated more professional certifications under her belt, later making hypnotherapy, EFT, crystal therapies and NLP techniques as transformational elements of her still existing practice.

Before embracing her spiritual calling this US Army veteran served our country as a member of our military forces adjutant general starting her business career as a human resources specialist honoring her calling of serving humanity from another perspective. Her continued education expanded into the financial fields of corporate America, adding to her professional curriculum the sharp edge of 10+ years of experience as an accountant and a business finance expert.

In the works of creating a formula where to integrate her true passion for spirituality and her business skills, she created her first very own project, Holistic Globe Radio®, a new age online radio show and virtual station, hosting a few radio shows (including hers) sharing topics on spirituality, self-help and esoteric arts supported by sponsors and listeners’ contributions.

This humble project grew into the successful enterprise formerly known as Holistic Globe Networks, which later evolved into today’s Holistic Authority™ professional community and expert forum gathering visionaries, progressive innovators and heart-driven entrepreneurs from various professional, social and economic sectors, including highly accomplished leaders and investors, with a common desire to help and mentor.

Under her wing her businesses empower over a quarter million HolisticGLOBE subscribers and a progressive portfolio of corporate clients. Her accomplishments include production of holistic events, periodical publications, and Eng/Span TV segments and documentaries. Her personal journey and healing practice involves research & study, yoga, reiki, meditation, EFT, crystal therapies, energy healing and NLP techniques as transformational elements of personal evolution.

Her successful career inspires women (and men) of all ages to pursue their dreams, empower themselves and find their true essence without compromising their values. Today she balances her devotion for the spiritual path and her passion for businesses running her Holistic Center and managing her top corporate projects: HolisticGLOBE Media, The Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society, OrlCFO Business Consulting and Ignite Success Small Business Incubator.