Our Professional Community & Business Council

Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society is HolisticGLOBE‘s exclusive professional membership organization, business council & expert incubator focused on empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurial development programs – supporting holistic & evolutionary business practices – building bridges & kindred connections, and sharing education & resources for the betterment of humankind and our planet.

Advocacy & Contribution

Since 2008 our brand and live platform are dedicated to help holistic business obtain and establish exposure, brand recognition and growth. Formerly known as Holistic Globe Networks, our evolutionary network is driven to support holistic practitioners and entrepreneurs to create a wildly successful business and lifestyle that’s in complete alignment with their true identity.

  • Professional membership: Our national registry gathers registered and verified holistic, green, spiritual, green and sustainable business, experts and brands.
  • Business incubator curriculum has been developed to address the operational, marketing, businesses strategy and financial needs of holistic practitioners and small businesses owners in our communities, providing for our leaders a networking platform, access to funding resources, business skill advisory and a successful referral foundation.
  • Extensive market reach and powerful networking opportunities through live events, email, print and online advertising.
  • Hands-on consulting services and coaching programs.

Mission Statement

  • Create awareness of businesses, products and practices working towards global balance, human empowerment, planet care and positive living.
  • Serve as inspiration, guidance and reference. We are not only honoring you (organizations, providers & educators) but also those who use your services or are interested in learning more about you, receive guidance, try your products or just gain tips and insights on how to live an inspired and healthy life.
  • Honor uplifting movements by opening doors for global exposure, business action, networking & trade and media participation.
  • Educate consumers and providers.  We believe it is our duty to accentuate the need for the balance and solutions our industry provides.
  • Provide holistic, mindful and progressive entrepreneurs with authentic solutions, natural resources and self-sustainable systems.

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