Fall 2018

Across many belief systems and creeds, the season of the harvest carries strong spiritual significance. Autumn holds the energy of contemplation, expectations, gatherings and life/business assessments.

Autumn is considered to be a time to contemplate what we have built, planted or created; breaking free of restrains, letting go of expectations and allowing the universe to manifest fruits at will; great energy for gathering natural and human resources and assessing results. And most importantly never giving up on our seeds, visions and dreams regardless of the outcome of our recent efforts. Special season to account for our experiences, be grateful for our successes and appreciate our failures and the lessons learned.

For me in particular, Autumn presents the opportunity to step out from both my coaching office and event back stage cocoon to face “front center” literally by placing my picture on the cover for the first time.  Despite my hesitation, my staff convinced me to stop hiding behind my desk avoiding recognition and compliments. Embrace divine self…with grace and gratitude. No room for ego, just simple acknowledgement of our light.

Creating and running HolisticGLOBE has been one of the most exciting and challenging journeys of my life. I am grateful for every experience, vendor, advertiser and foremost every single person who attends our events and supports our publication. This September we are turning 9 years old and over 250K members strong, yet my vision and passion for this dream feels as exciting and scary as the first day.

Yes, I am quite successful and have grown wiser. But it’s also important to acknowledge the many mistakes, ups and downs, sweat, blood and tears experienced along the way. The healing and overcoming of social-anxiety and PTSD issues. Yet I am still work-in-progress, learning to love and accept myself and letting go of expectations and my illusions of control.

Our new project, the Numa Gaia Foundation, is redefining my understanding of life and legacy by giving me a close and in-depth look at humankind at our best. Brilliant children, hopeful veteran heroes and empowered women shinning their light bright makes every outreach and fundraiser effort worthwhile.

In this season of spiritual harvest,  I thank everyone who is part of this journey with me. And I recognize my worth and celebrate the increasing importance of my work.  I accept with love and compassion my  new 40-year-old body, my old military service related invisible woods and my newly found grey hairs.

As this issue honors spiritual harvest, I invite you to make time to embrace your divine true self -JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Also don’t forget to acknowledge your loved ones and always count your blessing.

Happy Autumn!!! ~ Numa Gaia