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Enlightened Life Festival: 1st Khumbh Mela of America!

Enlightened Life Festival: 1st Khumbh Mela of America!

The first annual Enlightened Life Festival will be held in the Santa Fe, NM area October 17-21, 2019. We invite you to gather in pilgrimage to join in the first Khumbh Mela to be held outside of India.

In India the Khumbh Melas are inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This ancient tradition was begun by the saints and sages of the holy lands of the Himalayan ranges. To this day, they continue to travel to one of four sacred sites every 12 years to receive the divine nectar of wisdom, consciousness and awakened life. Millions make the pilgrimage with them in order to receive the blessings of these holy beings and taste divine life.

Now the yogis are coming to North America, in a historic movement that marks a tribal prophecy and echos the call to higher life from revered leaders of the past who first brought the eastern dharma to the west.

The Sangre de Christo Mountains of northern New Mexico are known to the yogis as the Himalayas of the West. This landmark event heralds in the next phase in the evolution of human consciousness, and has the root intention to restore our essential harmony with Mother Earth.

The northern New Mexico community is widely recognized for its many experts and leaders in sustainable culture, organic farming and indigenous wisdom. These sacred lands were recognized and chosen by previous spiritual leaders from the East, including Ram Dass and Yogi Bhajan as the location for their ashrams and temples.

This landmark pilgrimage of eastern yogis to the sacred lands of New Mexico heralds a new beginning of spiritual leadership in the west. Sages of the wisdom traditions of the east, west and indigenous nations will join
together to unite higher consciousness to enlightened life on earth.

Their historic movement marks tribal prophecies, and echoes the call to awaken brought by revered spiritual leaders of the past. In a special feature presentation, the festival will honor these key leaders who first brought the eastern dharma to the west, and invite their organizations to lead the opening procession of the saints.

Who can benefit from this landmark event?

  • Spiritual people, wisdom seekers, yoga and meditation practitioners, and students of the enlightenment traditions will be deeply rewarded by the presence of the sages, our sacred temple ceremonies and the opportunity to practice with the guidance of accomplished masters of wisdom.
  • Also families, children, music lovers and sustainability enthusiasts will get connected with leaders in conscious education, indigenous performing arts, longevity and hands-on permaculture experiences.
  • Native people and eco-conscious leaders will join together to explore earth healing and harmony, world cultures, plant-based lifestyles and conscious business.

In summary, all living beings and the planet will benefit from our intentions to nurture and initiate the integration of spiritually-aware humanity with the optimum well-being of Mother Earth.

Surrounding the holy assembling in the festival temple, our village invites you to get immersed in living
enlightened life on earth. The villages will provide rich resources for you and your family in sustainable
permaculture, enlightening entertainment, conscious family life, plant-based nutrition, ancient wisdom and innovations in longevity. Our music venue will feature popular, contemporary, Native musicians who are
bringing ancient, tribal musical traditions forward and making new words for a new era. Vibrant, exciting and enlightening, this new artistic movement is on the
leading edge of cultural change.

Special VIP events include a Farm-to-Table dinner that brings together local organic and biodynamic farmers with leading vegan chefs to present a feast to remember. The VIP Reception will be held the evening before the
official opening day and offers the chance to network with leading experts, have a private audience with the sages and enjoy our exciting guest performer who will set the tone for our festival intentions. We are hosting a sacred tour and retreat in northern India in January 2019. We will visit Rishikesh ashrams, attend practice groups and meet saints and sadhus in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Scheduled Experiences Include:
– Enlightened Life Temple & Khumbh Mela
– Sustainability Village
– Wisdom and Practice Village
– Sacred Gardens Food Village
– Longevity Village
– Conscious Family Village
– Live Music and Special Performances
– Featured Film
– Serenity Circle
– VIP Reception
– VIP India Tour & Retreat (January 8-18, 2019)
– Farm to Table Dinner
– VIP Glamping

The non-profit festival benefits Enlightened Life Temple, a 501(c)3, international temple of consciousness founded in 1997. Enlightened Life Temple offers time-honored traditions for the awakening of humanity. Changing awareness in each individual has a direct impact on the health and well-being of others and the earth.
Enlightened Life provides resources to initiate and nourish personal, ecological, spiritual, social and planetary regeneration.

We value the opportunity to represent local, regional and national businesses as we introduce their products and services to a wide, new audience of conscious leaders at the forefront of future change.

Effective and meaningful collaboration with local and regional businesses and community expertise is an important element of the Enlightened Life Festival. The event represents a unique opportunity to engage and connect with new and growing movement on the leading edge of cultural change.

More information about this event visit

It is our pleasure and our responsibility to nurture the positive changes the conscious consumer movement has built – and to recognize industry players, and support them in expanding their consciousness as well. Not only because this is where the money is going – but because it is the right thing to do.

Please visit our website to download a full report on the festival and learn more about the many properties and assets we can customize to support your business goals.

Volunteer, apply for vending or sign up for the festival newsletter at

Sages, sadhvis, shamans, medicine people and wise ones from many traditions area will join the saddhus in the
Temple of Enlightened Life.

Within in this mystical sanctuary, you will be brought into
a new awareness of the divinity within you and your
inherent oneness with all life. Special ceremonies, chants and meditations will take place in the temple.

Your mind-body and soul will be healed, harmonized
and regenerated in this blessed space.